I am running for the United States Senate because, for too long, the men and women who move Ohio forward, American workers, have been left behind by career politicians like Sherrod Brown and Joe Biden.

All public policy priorities in America should revolve around a simple concept: what is good for American workers and families? All elected officials should strive to create a growing middle class where the American Dream is accessible to anyone, regardless of their background.

Specifically, these sixteen priorities will do just that:

1. Empower parents to make education choices

2. Secure America’s borders, stop amnesty and destroy the Mexican Drug Cartels

3. Restore the integrity of our elections

4. Massively reduce anti-growth regulations, cut government spending, and end inflation

5. Beat Communist China

6. Support our greatest ally, Israel, and fight to put a stop to all forms of antisemitism in the United States, especially on our college campuses

7. Hold Big Tech accountable and break up big media

8. Protect Moms, Protect Families, and Protect Life by supporting a ban on late term abortions

9. Empower local law enforcement to ensure Safe Communities

10. Vigorously defend our constitutional rights, especially the Second Amendment

11. Restore American Energy Independence

12. Allow free markets to work

13. Enact term limits for members of Congress

14. Restoring American Manufacturing

15. End Wokeness and Cancel Culture

16. End Socialism in America