What I Believe

What I Believe:

America is incredible—don’t blow it. If you listen to the most powerful, loud voices in this country, they’d have you believe that America is fundamentally flawed. They want to extinguish the beacon of freedom and liberty, and they’ll do anything to make it happen. It’s terrifying, and we have to fight back.

Big corporations are becoming as bad as big government. Big Tech companies colluded to erase President Donald J. Trump from the internet because they hate what he represents. If they can silence him, what will they do to the rest of us? More recently, other large multinational corporations have been taken over by woke ideology, and they want to control our political system. I won’t take corporate PAC money. I’ll always fight for you.

The Chinese Communist Party is an existential threat. Our elected leaders, of both parties, severely underestimated the threat from China. Donald J. Trump was right that China was our greatest threat. The Chinese Communist Party has all but declared war on America. They not only unleashed the coronavirus on the world, but they are also looking to unleash a greater threat—their socialist, fascist ideology.

If we don’t fight here and now, there’s nowhere left to go. There is no other country that respects the sanctity of life, freedom and liberty, and religious independence like America. We are and have always been the last, best hope and we need to fight like hell to protect this.

Government is out of control. We the people tell the government what they can do, not the other way around. We can’t be ruled by fear. We all need to listen to each other—but politicians need to listen to the demands of the people more than the people need to listen to demands from “the experts.” That’s true on every issue.

Speech Police must be stopped. There used to be room for conversation, humor, and debate in this country. Now, if you dare to ask questions or disagree with leftist narratives you can be cancelled. Those who control speech control thought, and that’s just wrong.

Donald J. Trump had the most positive impact of any president since Ronald Reagan. He stood up to everyone who rigged the system against outsiders, and he fought for Americans every step of the way. He was attacked more than any other elected official, and yet accomplished amazing achievements for the American people. We need to protect his victories.

Our border is not secure. A nation without borders is not a nation. If you don’t respect American laws enough to enter legally, you haven’t earned the honor of citizenship.

There’s a lot to be hopeful about. Despite the attack on our values by the hard left, America is still a land to be proud of. There’s nothing we can’t achieve when we work together. It’s worth the fight, because we can and will win.

What about everything else?

People should keep more of their hard-earned money.

I’m on the side of freedom and treating the American people like adults who can make their own decisions.

We should spend more time and energy making America great than worrying about what other nations think of us.

Quality education (not indoctrination) could solve a lot of our problems.

We need to unleash American energy sources, not subject them to the power grabs of the hard left.

We need to ensure that hard-left judges cannot wash away hard-fought victories. That means confirming strong, principled jurists to the bench.

We need to restore respect for law and order in this country, and respect for those who work every day to protect us.

A strong American military, the best in the world, is the only way to ensure peace.

I believe all human life is precious.

I believe that our 2nd Amendment–and the entire constitution–must be protected.

We must pursue policies that will lead to more jobs and higher pay for American workers. More American-made products and energy.

I’m just a guy who likes freedom and fairness. I’m not smarter or better than anyone else. I hate when the big guy picks on the little guy. The crowd has more wisdom than the experts. I treat people with respect; listen with a goal to understand. Those are my core principles, and how I will approach policy-making.