Tim Ryan Votes to Abuse the Taxpayer’s Money

Ohio job creator and candidate for U.S. Senate Bernie Moreno issued the following statement today about the passing of the massive Democrat spending plan in the House of Representatives:

“The Democrat career politicians like Tim Ryan treat the U.S. Treasury like their personal piggy bank. From $200 million for a park in Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco to higher taxes on the middle class and home heating, the Democrat’s spending bill is a disgusting abuse of taxpayer money. It’s exactly why we need to take back the U.S. Senate and retire Tim Ryan once and for all.”

Bernie Moreno is a job creator, first-generation American, and first-time candidate for political office. He is running for U.S. Senate to stop socialism, combat cancel culture, create opportunity for all Ohioans, and enact term limits for D.C. politicians. He believes that we must work to protect the American Dream and the prosperity that should belong to all Americans. Learn more at www.BernieMoreno.com