Restarting Remain in Mexico Policy Should Be Just the Beginning

Ohio job creator and candidate for U.S. Senate Bernie Moreno issued the following statement today on the Biden Administration’s restarting of the Remain in Mexico policy begun under President Trump:

“It shouldn’t take a court order for the Biden administration to take an obvious step toward securing our border and stopping the flow of illegal immigrants and drugs into our communities. The Biden administration’s open borders policy is a failure. The Remain in Mexico policy should be only the beginning. We also need to continue building the wall, declare the drug cartels Foreign Terrorist Organizations and use the U.S. Military to secure the border and wipe the cartels off the face off the earth. The invasion must end. Under Joe Biden America is less safe and secure. Over the past year, over 1.7 million people have tried to enter illegally. That’s more than the population of Franklin, Cuyahoga or Hamilton Counties.”

“It’s also outrageous that Biden is giving illegal immigrants the option of getting the vaccine, while mandating it for millions of Americans. When Joe Biden gives illegal immigrants freedoms he won’t Americans, it tells you everything you need to know about what is wrong with his administration.”

Bernie Moreno has visited the US-Mexico border as much as the Biden border czar Kamala Harris. Bernie went in September to see firsthand the destroyed land, horrendous living conditions, and the mockery made of the legal process to becoming a legal citizen that he underwent 50 years ago. Bernie Moreno has clearly called the illegal crossings an invasion, the drug cartels a terrorist organization, and has said we should immediately send our troops.

Bernie Moreno is a job creator, first-generation American, and first-time candidate for political office. He is running for U.S. Senate to stop socialism, combat cancel culture, create opportunity for all Ohioans, and enact term limits for D.C. politicians. He believes that we must work to protect the American Dream and the prosperity that should belong to all Americans. Learn more at