Pro-Trump, Legal Immigrant, and First Time Candidate Bernie Moreno Launches Second Ad “Freebies” About Illegal Immigration

Pro-Trump, legal immigrant, Ohio job creator, and candidate for U.S. Senate Bernie Moreno launched the second ad of his unprecedented TV ad campaign today.  The new ad “Freebies” takes aim at the illegal immigration invasion along the U.S.-Mexico Border.  It advocates for securing the border, ending the flood of drugs into the United States and making English the official language of the United States.

The new advertisement comes the same week that Bernie Moreno’s family is celebrating its 50th anniversary of legally coming to the United States. Bernie Moreno is the only Ohio Senate candidate who has been to U.S.-Mexico border and witnessed the invasion. He recently published an oped in the Columbus Dispatch outlining his plan for securing the border.

Bernie Moreno’s newest ad is part of his advertising campaign that will spend over $4 million from December through January 15th. It’s the largest, most concentrated ad campaign ever implemented at this point in an Ohio primary.


“I’m Bernie Moreno. I’m a pro-Trump, legal immigrant.

We came to be Americans.

Illegals come because of the Freebies.

Free money from Biden and to take your job.

Free passes for crime because Democrats want their vote.

All well bringing drugs and God-knows what else into your neighborhood.

They’re changing our nation. Let’s stop them.

Build the Wall and make English our official language.

Let’s defend our Country.

I’m Bernie Moreno and I approve this message.”

Bernie Moreno is a job creator, first-generation American, and first-time candidate for political office. He is running for U.S. Senate to stop socialism, combat cancel culture, create opportunity for all Ohioans, and enact term limits for D.C. politicians. He believes that we must work to protect the American Dream and the prosperity that should belong to all Americans. Learn more at