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Meet Bernie Moreno

Outsider. Fighter. Conservative.

Living the American Dream

As a child, Bernie Moreno boarded a plane for America with his mom, five brothers, and his sister. He came from a country surrounded by the socialist ideology of radicals like Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. They promised to give everyone all they needed and solve all their problems. Now, Bernie Moreno sees the same threat rising here.

Stop Socialism. End Cancel Culture. Term Limits.

Worked His Way to the Top

When he was fourteen years old, Bernie Moreno knew that he loved cars. He knew that he wanted to work with cars. So, he wrote a letter to the president of General Motors with suggestions for how to improve the company. The president of the company was so impressed with the ideas and the nerve of this teenager, that he actually wrote back. A few years later, Bernie Moreno became an intern. He worked his way up the ladder. Many years later, he would become one of the most successful car dealers in the United States of America–based right here in Ohio. Using his success in the car industry, Bernie Moreno became a leader in innovative companies that could help disrupt current tech monopolies. He also invested heavily in the community–hospitals, schools, and small businesses.

Family First

Bernie Moreno has been married to the love of his life, Bridget Moreno, for more than thirty years. They have four children. Family has always come first, and he wants the next generation to grow up in a country where they too can achieve anything.

Running to Protect the American Dream

Bernie Moreno sees Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, the extreme left, their allies in the media, big tech, and universities push socialism at every turn. He sees them using Cancel Culture to completely silence us. That’s not why his parents risked it all to come to America. He’s fighting to protect the American Dream.

Nobody’s Done More for Ohio

Created hundreds of good paying jobs.

Built a $1 billion business from scratch, headquartered in Ohio.

Mentored at-risk kids alongside his wife.

Spoke out against COVID lockdowns in March of 2020.

Built a new technology company in Cleveland — when everyone said it wasn’t possible.

Recipient of:

Northeast Ohio Entrepreneur of the Year (Ernst & Young, 2011)

Hispanic Entrepreneur of the Year (Northeast Ohio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, 2011)

Northeast Ohio Dealer of the Year Award (TIME Magazine/ALLY, 2011)

Distinguished Business Executive of the Year (Sales & Marketing Executives of Cleveland, 2014)

Cleveland’s Best Latino Entrepreneur (Vocero Latino Cleveland & Northeast Ohio, 2014)

Hispanic Dealer of the Year Award (The Detroit Auto Show, 2014)

The Humanitarian of the Year Award(The Diversity Center of Northeast Ohio, 2016)

Power 100, #1 (Cleveland Magazine, 2019)

Cleveland Business Hall of Fame (Cleveland Magazine, 2019)

Northeast Ohio’s Top Business Leaders (Smart Business Cleveland, 2019)

Blockchain Community & Ecosystem Leadership(The Enterprise Blockchain Awards, 2019)

CSU Presidential Medal (Cleveland State University, 2021)

The Cleveland 500 (Leaders, Doers, Visionaries & Idea Generators) (Cleveland Magazine, 2021)