I will fight harder than anyone to promote strong Conservative principles that enhance our way of life. All politicians do is talk, talk, talk. That is why I strongly support term limits. As a businessman who is used to getting things done, I will act with commitment, hard-work, and determination to enact common-sense policies that allow everyone in Ohio to achieve the American Dream!

Let the Economy Take Off Like a Rocketship

President Donald J. Trump unleashed one of the greatest economies in the history of our country, with tremendous gains for every sector of society, including right here in Ohio. We need to fight hard to get back on a path of sustained economic growth and prosperity.

Create More Jobs Here in America

We must pursue policies that will lead to more (and better) jobs for Ohio’s workers. That is why we need to make sure our workforce is properly equipped with the skills it needs to ensure that every worker can succeed. We also need to get people back to work. Now.

Policy makers wanted people to stay home and avoid the workplace during the pandemic, so they paid people to do so. This work disincentive will harm our workers in the long-term because when the stimulus unemployment benefits run out, displaced workers will have a harder time on a new job, as they will have lost valuable skills during their time away from work. Americans do not want to be dependent on government; they want to work and provide for their families. These policies are also harming our small businesses in a way the businesses are having a hard time finding employees. We need to design and implement smart policies that make unemployment benefits a mechanism of last resort and provide meaningful incentives for people to get back to work now.

Keep Taxes Low

Ohioans should keep more of their hard-earned money. Nobody better than you to decide what to do with your money. Democrats are doing everything they can to raise your taxes. We cannot let them, and as Senator I will not let them. We need to protect the historic tax cuts signed into law by President Donald J. Trump.

Keep Inflation Low

Our country is now facing an economic tsunami that has not been a threat in decades: massive inflation. Unless we immediately reverse course and implement smart economic policies, the next chapter of COVID will be even more painful to those that have already suffered the most, the great American middle class and small businesses. Generational inflation and economic retraction will come quickly, so we need to act now.

Eliminate Unnecessary Regulations

As a businessman who created thousands of jobs right here in Ohio, I know firsthand the impact of unnecessary regulations on our economy. President Donald J. Trump did a tremendous job cutting red tape and reducing the regulatory burden on our economy. Like him, I support fewer and smarter regulations to unleash the creative spirit of Ohio’s entrepreneurs, small businesses, and workers.

Cut Government Spending

We see reckless federal spending, even by Washington, D.C., standards. Trillions of dollars, in the name of COVID relief, are being pumped into an already over-stimulated economy. The impact will be clear: as demand artificially goes up, prices will follow, so the inflation rate will skyrocket and make everything more expensive. We need to put our fiscal house in order and stop spending money we don’t have.

Restore Our Manufacturing Base

Some of the draconian COVID-19 protocols that were put in place by Democrat governors have massively affected productivity and output. As a result, supplies are down for basic goods and, not surprisingly, prices are rising fast. We need to encourage American companies to go back to full production so that they can meet pent-up demand. We also need to design and implement policies that support more American-made products.

In addition, Congress needs to pass legislation to protect businesses from unfair liability. We do not need bands of trial lawyers profiting from COVID-related lawsuits at the expense of the American people.

Protect Our American Values

If you listen to the most forceful, loud voices in this country, they’d have you believe that our country is fundamentally flawed. They want to extinguish the beacon of freedom and liberty that our country represents, and they’ll do anything to make it happen. We can’t let that happen.

Protect Our First Amendment Rights

Our nation’s Founding Fathers placed the First Amendment first because they knew how critical free speech is to our democracy and to our way of life. On multiple fronts, the First Amendment is now under attack from radical Democrats and the far left. We need to take immediate action to stop them from destroying this nation that we love.

End Cancel Culture

The Speech Police must be stopped. There used to be room for conversation, humor, and debate in this country. Now, if you dare to ask questions or disagree with leftist narratives you can be cancelled. Those who control speech control thought, and that’s just wrong. No one will fight harder than me against cancel culture.

Hold Big Tech Accountable

Rather than supporting our First Amendment rights, Big Tech companies are threatening them. They colluded to erase President Trump from the internet because they hate what he represents. If they can silence him, what will they do to the rest of us? We need to pass smart legislation that holds Big Tech accountable for their actions and makes it more difficult for them to silence free speech.

Protect Religious Liberty

I believe all human life is precious. I will always fight hard to protect and defend the sanctity of life.

Protect Our Second Amendment Rights

Our Second Amendment is currently under threat. I will always fight hard to protect and defend our Second Amendment rights.

Confirm Judges that Respect Our Constitution

We need to ensure that hard left judges cannot wash away Conservative, hard-fought victories. That means confirming strong, principled jurists to the bench. I will vote to confirm the men and women who will defend the constitution and state’s rights to our federal judiciary.

Stop Socialism

I came from a country surrounded by Communists and Socialists who promised to give everyone all they needed and solve all their problems… just like the Democrats are doing today. Because they know the failure of their ideology, they have to rely on tactics such as silencing dissenting points of view, changing election rules, controlling people’s lives, and creating two sets of rules, one for the powerful and well connected, and one for everyone else. Sounds familiar? That is the exact opposite of American Democracy and the American Dream, and we can’t let it happen. This issue is deeply personal to me, so I guarantee you that no one will fight harder against the Socialist left.

Strengthen Our National Security

President Trump’s National Security Strategy gave us a great roadmap to pursue our vital security interests: Protect the American Homeland, People, and Way of Life; Advance American Prosperity; Preserve Peace through Strength; and Enhance American Influence. Our foreign policy must follow this roadmap and always, always, put America First! We need to spend more time and energy making America great than worrying about what other nations think of us.

Confront Communist China

President Trump was right that the Chinese Communist Party is our greatest threat. Our elected leaders, of both parties, severely underestimated the threat from China. The Chinese Communist Party has all but declared war on the United States. It not only unleashed a coronavirus on the world, but it is also looking to unleash a greater threat—its socialist, fascist ideology. We need to act now to stop that aggression with smart, proactive policies that bring the world together in our joint fight against this existential threat.

Promote Fair Trade

We need to promote trade agreements that are both free and fair so that Ohio’s companies and workers can benefit from selling their great products all over the world. That is why we need to be vigilant to ensure a level-playing field for American companies and workers. I will only support trade agreements that put American jobs first, especially Ohio jobs.

Secure Our Critical Infrastructure

The recent attacks on our critical infrastructure have made it abundantly clear how the current Administration is failing to protect our Homeland. We need to put polices in place that proactively secure our critical infrastructure and make it clear to our adversaries that if they dare to mess with the United States, there will be severe consequences.

Unleash American Energy

We need to unleash American energy sources, including right here in Ohio, and not subject them to the power grabs of the hard left. The recent hike in gas prices (the highest in years) is another example of how the current Administration lacks a comprehensive strategy to keep energy prices low for American consumers and good-paying energy jobs readily available for American workers.

Defend Our Military

A strong American military, the best in the world, is the only way to ensure peace. We need to ensure they are properly funded and have the resources they need to keep us safe.

Stand with Our Allies

We need to make it clear that, while we will always put American interests first, we stand with our friends and allies, like Israel, to pursue our common interests and fight against common foes.

Fight For Our People

Like President Trump, I will always fight hard to represent the “forgotten men and women” of our great state and pursue policies that benefit all our people.

Support Our Farmers

American farmers feed the world, and Ohio’s farmers feed America. We need to ensure that Ohio’s farmers are able to play on a level-playing field when selling their products throughout the country and around the world. We also need to create an environment where our farmers can innovate, as they always have, to continue to come up with the most efficient and resilient technologies to help feed us.

Support Our Men and Women in Uniform

We need to restore respect for law-and-order in this country, and for those who work every day to keep us safe: our military, our police officers, and our first responders. While radical Democrats want to “defund the police,” we must stand together to “defend the police” and give our men and women in uniform the resources and the training they need to properly protect us.

Support Our Veterans

Our heroic veterans put everything on the line to fight for our freedoms. We need to make sure we don’t forget their sacrifices and always take care of them.

Protect Our People by Combating the Opioid Epidemic

The opioid epidemic is a serious crisis affecting Ohio. We need to get tough on those who engage in the illicit distribution and sale of opioids while developing and implementing smart policies that facilitate prevention strategies and treatment efforts. As a father and grandfather, I take this issue very seriously and will work tirelessly to take this fight to our nation’s capital.

Fix Broken Policies

Across numerous issue areas, we need a complete overhaul of several policies that have been broken for so long. Some examples:

Reform Our Immigration System

Let’s face it: our border is not secure. As President Donald J. Trump has said, a nation without borders is not a nation. If you don’t respect American laws enough to enter legally, you haven’t earned the honor of citizenship. As a legal immigrant, I know the importance of waiting in line to come to this country legally… of following the rules… of learning English… of assimilating into the American culture… of working hard to succeed… of achieving the American Dream. This issue is personal to me.

That is why I believe in an immigration system that supports the rule of law. And that is why I support reforming our immigration laws to make it harder for people to enter this country illegally. I support building a wall along our Southern border. I support eliminating taxpayer-funded benefits that serve as a magnet for illegal immigrants and hurt American taxpayers and workers, including right here in Ohio. When people follow the rules, everyone benefits. I plan to take this fight, head on, to our nation’s capital, and act on this issue with credibility and passion.

Reform Our Education System

Quality education (not indoctrination) will solve many of our nation’s and state’s problems. That is why we need a common-sense approach to education that puts our students first. In the Senate, I will fight hard to expand school choice, support local control of education, ensure that Ohio’s schools receive the resources they need so that every child in our state receives the best possible education, and put an end to classroom indoctrination and the teaching of far-left ideologies, such as critical race theory. It’s time to make education a priority!

Standing with Israel

America has no greater friend than Israel and we should always be their number one ally. In a region full of hostility toward the United States, Israel is a source of freedom and stability in the region. It is the only state in the region that shares our democratic values. As Israel’s neighbors want to wipe them off the face of the earth, the United States must always stand unequivocally with Israel.

Jerusalem Is Israel’s Capital

One of the greatest actions President Trump took was the recognize that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital. I will always support having our embassy in Jerusalem.

Stopping Iran

Iran’s nuclear ambitions are a threat to the world and an existential threat to Israel. America cannot have a policy of appeasement toward Iran or allow them to even begin to get nuclear capabilities. I strongly opposed Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal and supported President Trump’s withdrawal from it. We must not let a weak international community dictate America’s posture toward Iran. We must be willing to take any action necessary to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

Israel First Peace Process

As Senator I would never support a peace process that in anyway harms Israel’s security. Israel always has a right to defend itself and its citizens. Any lasting solution must recognize Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state. And it must not compromise Israel’s security. A safe and secure Israel is vital for the Middle East, for America and most importantly is moral absolute.

Opposing the BDS Movement In the United States

It is troubling that even in the United States there are those who demonize and denigrate Israel. The BDS movement is just anti-Semitism in disguise and an excuse for the far left to do Israel harm. We cannot allow the BDS movement to gain any mainstream momentum in the United States. It is a worldwide effort to undermine and ultimately destroy Israel- the only democratic in the Middle East.