Bernie Moreno Outraises Field with $3.7 Million Haul

More than Doubles Cash on Hand; Ends Third Quarter with Nearly $5 Million Cash on Hand

Bernie Moreno increased his campaign’s financial haul by $3.7 million in the third fundraising quarter, boosting his cash on hand to nearly $5 million. He remains the only U.S. Senate candidate in Ohio to reject PAC money from corporations, many of which are woke, and calls on all other candidates to follow suit.

Last quarter, Bernie proved the strength of his support by doubling the donations from any other announced candidate in the race with individual contributions. This quarter, Bernie matched those donations with a $3 million investment to show he is as committed to this race as his supporters.

“I’m proud of the support I’ve received from Ohioans who want a leader with a track record as a job creator and a conservative voice that challenges the establishment.” Bernie Moreno said, “I will always speak up when it matters to you, the voters, and not when it is politically convenient for me. I’ve demonstrated that as the only candidate to condemn lockdowns before running for Senate. This election is too important to stay silent!  We shouldn’t be surprised that career DC politician Joe Biden not only open the door to an emboldened Chinese Communist Party with a miserable exit from Afghanistan, but has also opened our borders to illegal migrants who pose a security threat to our nation. Instead of focusing on building our supply chains in America, he has focused on crippling regulations, ineffective mandates, and job killing taxes. We need to change DC and the only way to do that is to change the type of people we send there.”

Bernie Moreno’s $3.70 million haul is $1.5 million more than he brought in during his first quarter as a candidate.

Moreno’s fundraising effort is boosted by a steering committee of business and conservative leaders chaired by former Trump Ambassador to Germany and former Acting Director of National Intelligence, Ric Grenell.

Ambassador Grenell said, “Bernie debunks all media narratives that immigrants are victims or that they want open borders. Bernie’s story and success is dangerous to the Left’s assumptions. Our team is committed to getting Bernie’s message in front of every Ohio voter. Bernie is already traveling the state speaking to a wide variety of groups; and his message is resonating with voters.”

Bernie Moreno is a businessman, first-generation American, and first-time candidate for political office. He is running for U.S. Senate to stop socialism, combat cancel culture, create opportunity for all Ohioans, and enact term limits for D.C. politicians. He believes that we must work to protect the American Dream and the prosperity that should belong to all Americans. Learn more at