Bernie Moreno: Out of Touch Joe Biden Insults American Small Businesses

Businessman and outsider U.S. Senate Candidate Bernie Moreno blasted Joe Biden today for his out of touch comments at town hall in Cincinnati this week. At the town hall, Biden was asked by a restaurant owner about the struggles small business owners are having to get workers. Biden responded “We kept you open” and that they were “going to be in a bind for a little while.”

“Joe Biden’s comments were insulting to every small business owner in the country,” Bernie Moreno said. “They show just how out of touch career politicians really are with regular Americans. The truth is that the government shut these businesses down and closed entire states. They caused millions of Americans to lose their jobs and thousands of businesses to close that will never reopen. I spoke out against the draconian shutdowns at the time when no one else did. That’s why I’m running for office. We don’t need more out of touch politicians running our country.”

Bernie Moreno was the only candidate who spoke out against the lockdowns as they were happening, despite not being a public figure, former statewide office holder or Hollywood celebrity.

“Thanks to President Donald J. Trump we have a vaccine months or years before others said was possible. Americans are trying to regain their lives without the overreach of out of control government. This is something Joe Biden will never understand because he’s spent his entire life as a politician.”

Bernie Moreno is a businessman, first-generation American, and first-time candidate for political office. He is running for U.S. Senate to stop socialism, combat cancel culture, create opportunity for all Ohioans, and enact term limits for D.C. politicians. He believes that we must work to protect the American Dream and the prosperity that should belong to all Americans. Learn more at