Bernie Moreno Bests Nearest Opponent by 50% in his First Quarter of Fundraising

Moreno outpaces the field without any personal investment and without any Corporate PAC donations.

In the first quarter of his candidacy, Bernie Moreno raised $2.25 million without accepting any money from corporate PACs and without any personal investment. In his first fundraising quarter as a candidate, Moreno raised approximately double what each of his primary opponents raised in their first quarters–after long careers in politics for each of them. Bernie Moreno outraised all the declared Republican candidates in this fundraising quarter; raising fifty percent more than the next closest Republican candidate.

“People across Ohio are responding because we’re the only candidate that’ll stand up to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s socialist agenda of critical race theory, open borders, and defunding the police. I was born in a country surrounded by the ideology of socialism and I had the opportunity to live the American Dream. I’ll protect that dream for others, and protect the achievements of President Trump. This is just the beginning.” said Bernie Moreno.

Bernie Moreno also raised more into his Senate campaign account than Democrat Tim Ryan, who has been hand picked by the Clintons and is the only Democrat running. Ryan raised $2.1 million into his Senate account.

Moreno’s fundraising effort was aided by a steering committee of business and conservative leaders chaired by former Trump Ambassador to Germany and former Director of National Intelligence, Ric Grenell.

“Conservatives across Ohio and across the country have overwhelmingly selected the outsider, Bernie Moreno. Career politicians are struggling to convince Ohioans that they can represent them in Washington, DC. People want to know that their candidate isn’t going to cave to the pressure of lobbyists and reporters. And Bernie Moreno has shown early on that he isn’t interested in lobbyists’ support or the approval of the media,” said Ric Grenell.

“Ohio is ready for a fearless conservative Senator with the support of the people. Bernie Moreno will never be afraid to take the hard stance, and he’s going to get things done,” said Ohio business leader Deb Donley, a fellow member of Bernie Moreno’s steering committee.